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YMCA Camp Ocoee Ocoee, TN
July 9-14, 2017

How to Register

  1. Download the camp application forms packet (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).
  2. Campers, fill out the Camper Application form.
  3. Adults, fill out the Adult Application form.
  4. Everyone, fill out the Medical History form.
  5. Everyone, fill out the Waiver and Release form
  6. Everyone, sign the Waiver and Release form.
  7. Have the camper sign the Camp Regulations form.
  8. Write your check payable to Christian Camp for the Deaf, Inc.
  9. Repeat the process for each camper who will be attending camp.
  10. Send all forms, signed forms, and checks to:

    Frank Rushing, Director
    1325 Winthorne Drive
    Nashville, TN 37217-2412


Staff please download and complete the Staff Registration Form.


Camp Regulations

  1. Every person should always act like a Christian.
  2. Every camper must follow the camp schedule, unless the Director gives special permission.
  3. Every person must stay on the camp grounds, unless the Director gives special permission.
  4. No alcohol, beers, tobacco chewing, smoking, illegal drugs (except those prescribed for health), or bad language are allowed in camp.
  5. Campers may not drive or ride cars, motorcycles, boats and so forth during camp, unless the Director gives special permission.
  6. If anyone is sick or hurt, hurry to tell the Camp Doctor. All medicine must be given to the Camp Doctor on the first day of camp. The Doctor will give the medicine as prescribed during the week. On the last day of the camp you may get the rest of your medicine from the Doctor.
  7. Any activities or programs not printed on the schedule that need to be changed, must be approved by the Director.
  8. No radios, TVs. tape recorders/players, magazines/books (except Bibles and Christian magazine/books}, comic books, or pets are allowed at camp.
  9. Dress code:
    1. Every person must always wear shoes except when sleeping, swimming or bathing. Also, NO tank tops.
    2. Bermuda shorts are OK, but they must be within the length of your own palm from your knees.
    3. For swimming, girls must wear one-piece swimsuits. Boys must wear the Bermuda style (No short trunks).
    4. Do NOT bring clothes that advertise beer, sex, or have words that can give bad ideas. Do NOT bring any clothes that Christians should not wear.
  10. Boys and girls may not kiss or show love for each other in ways that are not good for others to see.
  11. Any person who does NOT obey these rules may be sent home at his/her expense.
  12. Girls may wear earrings, but NOT boys. They could not be permitted with any other piercing at camp.
  13. Camp raids are NOT allowed. Any campers caught maliciously damaging camp property will be sent home, and held responsible for the repairs or costs incurred from his/her actions. This includes writing on cabin walls and such like, intentionally breaking things, etc.
  14. Campers must have permission to use phone/TTY. All calls must be collected.
  15. Campers will NOT be on the fishing pier or canoeing unsupervised.
  16. Campers will NOT have knives, weapons, fireworks, or other dangerous articles in their possession while in residence at the camp.
  17. Under some circumstances, campers are not permitted to use the pagers and cell phones during the activities, devotionals, and at bedtime. If anyone does not abide by the regulations, their devices may be taken from them until camp is over and returned to them when they are leaving to return back home.
  18. YMCA Camp Ocoee is a Christian influenced environment. Please exhibit Christian principles and values during our stay with us.