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YMCA Camp Ocoee – Ocoee, TN
July 8-13, 2018

To Camp Ocoee from Chattanooga:

  1. Take I-24 East toward Knoxville/Atlanta.
  2. Take I-75 North, go 19.27 miles.
  3. Take first Cleveland exit (Exit 20) Highway 64 Bypass/Cherokee National Forest, go 0.28 miles.
  4. Turn right off of exit ramp toward Cherokee National Forest.
  5. Travel approximately 6.33 miles.
  6. Take ramp onto Highway 64 East to Ocoee River/Cherokee National Forest, go about 7.46 miles.
  7. Highway 64 will go from a 4 lane to 2 lane highway just after Highway 411 junction.
  8. Keep traveling on Highway 64 for 2 miles.
  9. You will start seeing “white water rafting companies” on both sides of the highway.
  10. Turn right onto Cookson Creek Road at Whitewater Grill and go for approximately 4 miles -- very curvy road.
  11. You will see the YMCA Camp Ocoee main entrance sign on left, but do NOT turn left. Instead, continue on road little further and turn on the first left road at the sign, "Wesson Lodge", go about 1/4 mile and stop at the Wesson Lodge on left.

To Camp Ocoee from Nashville:

  1. Take I-24 East toward Chattanooga
  2. Follow Steps 1-12 above

To Camp Ocoee from Knoxville:

  1. Take I-75 South toward Chattanooga
  2. Take the 2nd Cleveland exit (Exit 25) - Highway 60 toward Cleveland, Dayton, Lee University
  3. Turn right onto Georgetown Rd., NW - this becomes Highway 64
  4. Follow Steps 6-12 above

To Camp Ocoee from Atlanta:

  1. Take I-75 North toward Dalton
  2. Take I-75 North to Exit 293 (Chatsworth/White) which is Highway 411 North
  3. Travel on Highway 411 North toward Cleveland, TN
  4. Take Highway 64 East to Ocoee River/Cherokee National Forest toward Murphy, North Carolina
  5. Follow Steps 7-12 above