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YMCA Camp Ocoee Ocoee, TN
July 8-13, 2018

This year is another wonderful privilege to celebrate and this time is the 60th Anniversary Celebration. We are planning to have some special programs and the registration fees with special lower rates for all to enjoy and to fill with inspiration as our wonderful memories and remembrances to cherish for many years. It will be a week loaded of terrific fun and significant spiritual growth. We have been watching how the camp has been grown with many different prospect by those pioneers right in the beginning who have been designing that camp with wonderful valuable ambitions to achieve for the deaf people and the hearing people working with the deaf for all those 60 years. It is still our own initiative that we are striving to gather as many deaf campers as they need to know more about God and our Savior, Jesus Christ and the Bible. There may be some of them who would be good leaders, teachers and preachers for the Deaf in the coming years. It is my great rewarding privilege to direct this camp for 42 years. It is my hope that you could encourage many deaf and hearing (who know some sign languages) campers to attend the camp. If they need some financial assistance and you may find anyone at church to provide their registration fees. We have many things you need to have a great time of physical and spiritual activities. Do not wait, but make your plans now so you will be ready ahead of time. I hope to see you, all, at the camp and celebrate the 60th Anniversary together.

- Frank Rushing, President/Director


2016 Camp / Workshop Session

Christian Camp for the Deaf has been planning and offering many land and water activities, Bible study classes, and a time of relaxation for all of you to enjoy. The camp is located at YMCA Camp Ocoee, and is nestled in a breathtaking setting on the shores of Lake Ocoee in the Cherokee National Forest of Southern Tennessee.

Who says camp is just for kids? Adults can participate and experience the thrills and joys of camp just as much. We are having the "Family Camp", and that means the young campers, staff, parents, grandparents, adults, preachers, teachers, and retirees can attend the camp. The young campers will have their regular varied programs and activities and will be supervised by the counselors and staff. Adults may choose to participate in most activities offered. You are encouraged to make your reservations early and participate together at Christian Camp for the Deaf as part of your summer vacation. Plan ahead now and come experience the Ocoee spirit in July!